Remembering Natalie Cole

I was sadden when I heard of the passing of Natalie Cole.

The first time I heard her name was through my mom, who was 24 when Natalie was born.  My mom grew up in the era of the big bands, Glenn Miller, Jimmy Dorsey etc. Mom loved Frank Sinatra and would also listen to Nat King Cole records as well.  Both hers and my favorite was Nat King Cole singing “When I Fall In Love”.

She would always talk about what I talented singer Natalie was. “Just like her father” mom would say.  It was a shame that Nat King Cole passed away before he got the chance to see his daughter honor his legacy with her own musical legacy.  But thanks to the magic of recording, Natalie got to sing Nat King Cole’s signature song “Unforgettable” in a duet with her father.  This song became the signature song for The Bold and the Beautiful’s  Ridge Forrester and Brooke Logan.

It’s a pity that amidst all her talent, Natalie was plagued with addictions and illnesses.  I hope she knew how much she meant to fans. Not just because she was Nat King Cole’s daughter but because of her own musical gifts.  You were Unforgettable Natalie and you’ll be missed!

images (7)

Below are a few of my favorite early photos of Natalie.

download (2)downloaddownload (1)


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