Happy Birthday, Robin Ellis!

downloadWhen people hear the name Ross Poldark today, they immediately think of the new Poldark  series with actor Aiden Turner as the swashbuckling 18th century hero.  But for me, there will always be one Ross Poldark, Robin Ellis.

I was 13 years old when mom, Tracy and I began a series on Masterpiece Theater called Poldark in 1978.  The series had recently aired in the UK and had just come to American television. I was immediately enthralled by the adventures of Captain Ross Poldark as played by Robin Ellis.  As an avid reader, I started reading the novels by Winston Graham.

For my 9th grade Freshman English class in 1979, I wrote a book report on the first novel in author Winston Graham’s Poldark Saga, Ross Poldark.  My English teacher Mr. Gordon (who was also a huge Poldark fan) and I would engage in lively discussions on the books and series.  I received an ‘A’ on my book report.

When I heard that Poldark would be returning to television, I knew I would be watching.  The new series is very good but in my opinion, the original series was great.  I have a four decade love for Poldark and applaud Robin Ellis for creating such a memorable character on television.  I was pleased to learn Robin Ellis would be making an appearance as Reverend Halse in the remake.

images (1)

Memories of Poldark will hold a special place in my heart and I will forever be grateful to Winston Graham for writing the books, Masterpiece Theater for airing the series and Robin Ellis for being Ross Poldark.

Below are my favorite Poldark photos with Robin Ellis as Ross Poldark:


images (2)

download (3)images (3)images (4).jpg

Happy Birthday, Robin Ellis!


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