The Vampire Diaries Review: Things We Lost In The Fire via @stacyamiller85

The Vampire Diaries episode “Hell Is Other People” focused on Damon’s Hell.  In last  Thursday’s episode, we got to see  Stefan’s.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the episode “Things We Lost in The Fire”, please do not continue reading.

After realizing that he’s back in the real world, Damon rushes to heal Stefan, Caroline and Bonnie from the injuries he inflicted. Then, he finds himself chained to a wall like the dangerous animal he can sometimes be.

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Stefan’s Hell consisted of both he and Damon drowning over and over, with the only way for Stefan to save himself was to let go of Damon.  He also saw Damon trying to kill Caroline every chance he got which made Stefan reason that Damon tries to be good because of his love for Elena but keeps returning to his darker vampire nature.  I think that as much as Stefan loves his brother, he also secretly fears Damon will turn into something he can’t bring him back from. Maybe the Hell world was trying to encourage Stefan to let go of his brother, with the drowning metaphor.

Meanwhile, Caroline is getting ready for the birth of Alaric twins with a unisex baby shower.  It was too funny during the ‘diaper the baby while blindfolded’ shower game the guys were playing with the doll limbs getting pulled off. Surprisingly, Alaric was a pro, babies are definitely in good hands with this daddy!

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However, my heart broke for Caroline later when Alaric announced that she wouldn’t be a part of the babies lives and he has no intention of raising them anywhere near Mystic Falls or Whitman College.  No supernatural or occult around his twins.  The growth of Caroline since the start of The Vampire Diaries has been remarkable.  She used to be a shallow cheerleader, party girl.  Now she is mature and responsible.  I think she would make a good mother as well as a possible partner to Alaric.


Meanwhile, Damon is having hallucinations of Civil War buddy Henry everywhere which cause him to kill innocent bystanders by mistake.  But the shocking scene of he episode came when Damon believing he’s burning Henry’s body in a coffin,but it turns out to be Elena.  Here’s hoping that was another hallucination.  Though I have to believe it was as I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Elena.

As I’ve said before, the strength of The Vampire Diaries lies in the relationship between the Salvatore brothers. Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder are the heart of the show and is one of the reasons viewers remain invested.

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