Writer @stacyamiller85 ‘s Response To Letter of Support for #SleepyHollow #sleepyheads

The article wrote for The Nerdy Girl Express.


Thank you all for your responses to my article on The Nerdy Girl Express. As the writer as well as a WOC, I have loved Nikki Beharie’s portrayal as Abigail Mills since Day One of Sleepy Hollow and have expressed this on many occasions.  Television needs strong African American role models.  That being said, my article wasn’t a slight to Ms. Beharie or her character.  It was a support of a television show’s right to tell their story as they see fit. Am I upset at the direction of the story and Abbie leaving? Absolutely yes.  Will I stop watching the show because of it? No. Why? Because I base my viewing on the entire show. Tim Mison, Lyndie Greenwood have done fabulous jobs in their portrayals and I want to see them continue with their characters. And yes, I was also upset Zach Appelman departed as Joe Corbin.  Janina…

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