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The recap I wrote for The Nerdy Girl Express.


After bringing their three babies home in last week’s pilot, episode two begins several years in the future with Rebecca (Mandy Moore) making breakfast for her three 8-year-olds Kevin, Kate and Randall (Parker Bates, Mackenzie Hansicsak and Lonnie Chavis). Young Kate wants something more to eat but is reminded by her mother “We talked about this.”  So even as a child, Kate struggled with her weight and eating issues.  Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) enters the room and playfully helps his daughter with her breakfast selection. But it’s obvious that this family loves each other and sees themselves as a team by the cheer that they’ve come up with. Jack: “Deep breaths and first came” Young Kevin “Me”  Jack: “And Dad said gee. And then came.” Young Kate “Me” Jack: “And Mom said wee. And then came.”  Young Randall: “Me” Jack: “That’s 3.” The cheer ends with all of them hitting their…

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