Interview With Kathleen Gati via @stacyamiller85 @gatitweets #GeneralHospital #Arrow #LOTL #Winterthorne

My interview with #GeneralHospital ‘s Kathleen Gati for The Nerdy Girl Express.


Kathleen Gati has appeared in numerous film and television roles. But it is the character of Dr. Liesl Obrecht on ABC’s General Hospital that made multitudes of fans passionate to view her performances. To say that Liesl is a villain is over simplifying the magnitude of Gati’s portrayal. On August 24, 2012, Kathleen first appeared on General Hospital as Dr. Liesl Obrecht. In six short years, Kathleen Gati took what was originally slanted to be a short term part and expanded it into something more. Because of Gati’s acting skill, Liesl is hard to figure out and keeps viewers guessing.

I am an admirer of Kathleen Gati’s work and was pleased when she agreed to be interviewed for The Nerdy Girl Express.  What did she have to say about Liesl? Read below to find out.

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