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Exclusive Interview With Aycox Fans Founder, Tracy Diane Miller

cxO8y2pr_400x400Tracy Diane Miller is the founder of @aycox_fans , a Twitter group for the fans of actress and musician Nicki Aycox. I recently interviewed Tracy about @aycox_fans . Read what she had to say below :

Why did you decide to start the Twitter account, @aycox_fans ?

“One of the things that I noticed about Nicki Aycox is that she is very appreciative of her professional success and extremely grateful for her fans. Here is an actress who has spent over 20 years in the entertainment business, appeared in numerous television shows and films, yet she makes time from her busy schedule to personally interact with her fans through social media.

Last September, I interviewed Nicki for Talk Nerdy With Us. We talked about her acting and burgeoning musical career. Most fans know her from her memorable role on Supernatural as the actress who originated the role of Meg Masters. But she is also an amazing singer/songwriter who released her debut EP, Red Velvet Room, last August. This past October, Nicki appeared at Movie Comic Expo in Australia and Armageddon Expo in New Zealand. In 2016,  she will appear at Asylum 16.  With these appearances and Nicki continuing to write new songs, the time was ripe for a Twitter group where Nicki’s fans could come together to celebrate her success and show support for her work.”

What are your goals for @aycox_fans ?

“As I mentioned earlier, Nicki is marvelous about interacting with her fans. I want @aycox_fans to be a warm and supportive environment to celebrate artistry.  As fans, we’re excited whenever we hear Nicki news. Whether it’s TNT reairing Nicki’s Supernatural episodes, rewatching her movies or talking about her music, there is so many ways for her fans to come together.”

Why do you think people should follow @aycox_fans ?

“Nicki Aycox is such an inspiring lady. The fans who have met her all echo this sentiment. They have expressed how much meeting her has meant to them. For those of us who haven’t met her in person, Nicki doesn’t hesitate to let us know that she’s grateful for our support. Further, as fans, we also have our own creative talents. @aycox_fans is a venue for us to share, celebrate and support each other as well!”

How do you hope to attract more followers to @aycox_fans ?

“Spread the word! If you’re already following @aycox_fans , let others know about the group. We have exciting things coming up! Nicki hosts live chats. We have a banner contest where the winner will receive a Skype call with Nicki. How AWESOME is that! There will be more contests throughout the year as well as other surprises.  Stay tuned!”

 Any final words you would like readers to know about @aycox_fans ?

“I am thrilled that I started @aycox_fans . Nicki is a beautiful soul. She’s compassionate and inspiring. I hope fans will follow @aycox_fans and share their ideas. Also, check out Red Velvet Room on ITunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify and be sure to leave a review!”


Remembering Natalie Cole

I was sadden when I heard of the passing of Natalie Cole.

The first time I heard her name was through my mom, who was 24 when Natalie was born.  My mom grew up in the era of the big bands, Glenn Miller, Jimmy Dorsey etc. Mom loved Frank Sinatra and would also listen to Nat King Cole records as well.  Both hers and my favorite was Nat King Cole singing “When I Fall In Love”.

She would always talk about what I talented singer Natalie was. “Just like her father” mom would say.  It was a shame that Nat King Cole passed away before he got the chance to see his daughter honor his legacy with her own musical legacy.  But thanks to the magic of recording, Natalie got to sing Nat King Cole’s signature song “Unforgettable” in a duet with her father.  This song became the signature song for The Bold and the Beautiful’s  Ridge Forrester and Brooke Logan.

It’s a pity that amidst all her talent, Natalie was plagued with addictions and illnesses.  I hope she knew how much she meant to fans. Not just because she was Nat King Cole’s daughter but because of her own musical gifts.  You were Unforgettable Natalie and you’ll be missed!

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Below are a few of my favorite early photos of Natalie.

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