A Warm Birthday Greeting to Terri Garber

I have been a fan of actress Terri Garber since I first seen her in the television miniseries North and South.  As Ashton Main, she is the Scarlett O’ Hara of television:


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Although North and South will forever remain my favorite project of Terri’s, she’s had other roles. She was Leslie Carrington on Dynasty:

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After Dynasty, Terri Garber made the guest appearances rounds on shows like Murder She Wrote, Quantum Leap and Midnight Caller.  She also had a few soap opera roles on Texas (where she made her acting debut as Allison Linden), Santa Barbara as Suzanne Collier, General Hospital as Victoria Parker and As the World Turns as Iris Dumbrowksi .

In addition to being a talented actress, Terri Garber is a loving wife, mother, sister and daughter. I thank Terri for the years of enjoyment she has given me and my family. When I think of Ashton and North and South, I remember fondly my mom and I watching the television adaptation of John Jakes’ novel on Sunday, November 3, 1985.

I wish you a Very Happy Birthday Terri, I hope you are blessed with health and happiness.


Which TV Characters Would You Invite To Your Christmas Dinner?

The holidays are here. Which means shopping and preparing holiday meals for family and friends.  If you could invite any television characters over to share holiday meal with you and your family, who would it be?


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The 100?

Would you like the characters from The 100? Claire, Bellamy, Kane and Jaha could vie over who gets the turkey drumstick.  Wonder what kind of table manners The Grounders would have?

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Liv, Ravi, Clive, Major, Blaine and Peyton would be an interesting bunch of dinner guests.  But Liv would need to prepare her own “brain turkey”.

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Jane The Virgin?

The Villanuevas, Rafael, Rogelio and Petra would be a lively group. But just don’t save turkey.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend



We’ve seen Rachel and company do a West Covina Christmas, how about Christmas at your house.




As there isn’t a new Supernatural episode this week due to Thanksgiving, I thought about what it would be like if we saw Sam and Dean Winchester celebrated the holiday.

The closest Sam ever had to a real Thanksgiving was the time he went to a classmate’s house when he was eleven.

Although I can’t for every viewer, I know I would enjoy seeing the Winchesters take a day off and sit down for a holiday meal. They could decorate the Men of Letters bunker in holiday motif.

It would be hilarious seeing Dean wearing a ‘Kiss the Cook’ apron while cooking the turkey. We already know from the Season 8 episode “Trial and Error” that Dean can cook steaks. Sam could toss the salad. Who knows more about salads than Sam!

The guest list would include Castiel, Claire, Jody Mills, Alex, Sheriff Donna and Doug (they’re dating now). And of course, Crowley would pop in. At least he’d bring a good vintage to go with the meal.

Sam would insist on going around the table and having every one day what they were thankful for while Dean would complain “This is stupid”.

Jody would be grateful that she has a chance to have a family again with Alex. Donna and Doug would say something sappy about finding each other. Castiel would give a speech about the Winchesters being the closest thing he’s ever had to a family. “I don’t do prayer but I’m grateful for all the souls I’ve claimed for Hell” would be Crowley’s response. Sam would talk about how grateful he is to have Dean as a brother.

And we the fans of Supernatural are grateful for Sam and Dean Winchester being a part of our lives for eleven seasons.


If Sam and Dean Winchester Celebrated Thanksgiving