#The100 In Verse, Poetry By Tracy Diane Miller @JRothenbergTV @The100writers

Survivors of The Ark,

They have a Leader in Clarke,

A Grounder Army to Make,

And the Help of Bellamy Blake

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Bellamy Blake his sister Octavia he adores,

Hiding her from the Ark’s Council underneath the room’s floor.


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Survivors of the Ark towards Earth their space station did land,

To face the wrath of a strange new world A courage they found You understand.

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Theolonious Jaha as Councellor he was replaced,

A pilgrimage across the desert A destiny to embrace,

As feet became weary From a lengthy flight,

All in search of The City of Light.



#The100 – A Fandom United via @stacyamiller85 @JRothenbergTV @the100writers @cwthe100 #The100 #The100Season3

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The 100 has done something that few shows in recent memory has done: it’s reached a large array of people from many walks of life and made them fans.

The face of a fan of The 100 transcends the standard teen audience market. If you read comments on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, you will see that the show has fans of different ages and stages of life.  Students, professionals and homemakers enjoy the show.  It’s not uncommon to find a college student and a mother with children discussing the adventures of the characters online.  And the funny thing is, this shared passion for The 100 has made friends of people who would have had nothing in common otherwise.

The 100 isn’t your standard sci-fi drama. Sure it started as a story about a civilization in space but it has developed into so much more.  It’s become a study of mankind’s ability and instinct for survival.  It takes a look at today’s youth in a different way.  The teens on The 100 aren’t talking about dates or fancy cars, they’re discussing food, shelter and communications systems. They possess a maturity far above their years.

Creator Jason Rothenberg should be extreme proud of his show.  The 100 has altered the landscape of television and united a viewing community and turned them into a fandom.

Watching  The 100 is like Unity Day for fans. No matter what walk of life you come from, you’re united by your love for this awesome show.


Which TV Characters Would You Invite To Your Christmas Dinner?

The holidays are here. Which means shopping and preparing holiday meals for family and friends.  If you could invite any television characters over to share holiday meal with you and your family, who would it be?


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The 100?

Would you like the characters from The 100? Claire, Bellamy, Kane and Jaha could vie over who gets the turkey drumstick.  Wonder what kind of table manners The Grounders would have?

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Liv, Ravi, Clive, Major, Blaine and Peyton would be an interesting bunch of dinner guests.  But Liv would need to prepare her own “brain turkey”.

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Jane The Virgin?

The Villanuevas, Rafael, Rogelio and Petra would be a lively group. But just don’t save turkey.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend



We’ve seen Rachel and company do a West Covina Christmas, how about Christmas at your house.