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Queen Elizabeth celebrates her birthday on April 23. No, I’m not talking about the Royal Monarch, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The queen I’m referring to is Queen Elizabeth on The CW’s Reign, Rachel Skarsten.

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Happy Birthday @CupofBucks ! @NotYerAverageChick @GoodHumorGrl

Today is a special day. It is Starbucks’ birthday! No, I’m not talking about the famous drinking establishment. I’m talking about the famous and beloved dog of Jamie and Lisa Steinberg.

Starbucks is the sweetest, smartest dog in the world. He is a cherished member of the Steinberg family. Even though I’ve never met Starbucks personally, I know he is special because of the love and joy he brings.

Enjoy your day Starbucks, your family loves you and think you’re the greatest!