Interview With Tish Tindall aka The Fabulous TT via @stacyamiller85 @TheFabTT @TishTindall

My interview for The Nerdy Girl Express.


Tish Tindall (known as The Fabulous TT) is a Scottish composer that has made a name for herself in musical theater. Tindall was born in Glasgow and grew up in Aberdeenshire. The Scottish performer has a array of talent in variety of musical instruments and is accomplished on piano, cello, guitar and percussion as well as vocals. She is comfortable on stage and has a commanding presence. Along with Diane Aspinall, Tish co-founded the Scottish Performing Arts College and Theatre School Lossie Entertainment Academy, which helps to teach the next generation of musicians.

Tish has created a musical based on Scottish poet Robert Burns titled Robert Burns: The Musical. She took the time from her schedule to answer The Nerdy Girl Express’ questions about this musical as well as what influenced her to pursue a career in music and composing. She is insightful and passionate.  Read below to find out…

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